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Selecting the right development company is a crucial step in the process of software development and consists of more than asking formal questions about the company’s professional capabilities. When you are still thinking about creating your own mobile application, you need to clearly understand how to start the process to achieve success with your product on an app market.


Google has revealed ways to build the correct application development process that starts with finding the right business partner and team.


Where to begin your search for a reliable business partner

If you have no company in mind, you can start creating a list of potential development companies to better evaluate their service level, current technology knowledge and reputation. For this, you can refer to recommendations from other businesspeople in social network groups, attend trade shows to get acquainted with related exhibitors or directly contact particular companies you liked through an Internet search.


development companies search

Start from creating a list of potential development companies


This assessment will help you understand the total number of people you will require for your app development and understand the business environment and approaches a development company offers. The best companies deliver high-quality products, take pride in what they do and provide deep insight into the development process before it has started. Excellent development companies will readily overview your proposal to add more valuable ideas and improve the final result.


How to proceed with your request for proposal

If possible, it is best to outline the app’s key features or requirements before submitting your proposal request. This will facilitate the discussion process with your prospective company candidates as you will be able to better evaluate responses to your questions and understand whether they are can add any relevancy to your business needs.


outline your mobile app features

Define the most important features your application will have 


Some of the requirements and features you may include into your app development guidelines:


  • Ensuring excellent user experience on different devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Using Google’s material design which ensures three-dimensional constructions
  • Implementing Android design requirements
  • Ensuring the app meets Android quality standards for user interactions, functionality, performance and test procedures
  • Determining whether the app will be database driven to avoid later extra costs
  • Adding applicable Google Play services to enable Google-powered features of the latest versions


How to determine that you are going to work with the experts

The team you are going to rely the development of your app will need to understand how to apply the latest updates in Android. Although many versions of Android are available and used, having the latest release and going back to the most popular versions, will determine the incremental difference that will help turn your app into a successful market product. Technology progress relies on a user’s desires and expectations, and features enabled through platform updates play an important role in making a mobile app attractive to the consumer.


Mobile apps that rate less than three or less stars are unlikely to get as many downloads as apps that receive rating of four stars and more. In most cases, the major reason is two reasons:


  • The user experience that is not good enough to deserve consumers’ ratings
  • You have not gone to your “inner circle” and ask for great ratings


technology knowledge

See examples of mobile apps that a company has developed


Your development partner must possess the necessary technology knowledge. It’s wise to ask them to show examples of Android apps they have created and then download them to view the ratings and evaluate the app’s performance.


Setting up the development process

A detailed list of estimated development time provided by a company will let you review and compare the information you already have about them and evaluate any potential risks you may encounter. Also, you will learn about the company’s pricing model and will negotiate to discuss the terms that provide flexibility for the entire development process.


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